To host a Reading Party is really very simple!! First, contact Rev. Dawn Casseday to schedule a date/time for your party. Then,  Just think of friend’s , co-worker’s , family, etc. to come to your get together. Give everyone a time for thier reading  ( ie. 1:30 pm)  . Find a fun activity (card’s, Apples to Apples game, Chit chat) to do during the Reading Party. Select  a “private” quiet area to have the reading’s in.  Set out a few munchies…and your all set!!  Rev. Dawn does the rest!!  The “host” of the Reading Party recieves a complimentary reading. Each of your guest’s recieves a 30 min. taped reading . There is a minimium of 8 guest’s + the host required for all Reading parties.Please contact Rev. Dawn Casseday to  book your Reading Party today!!

Who comes to a Reading Party? All types of people come to a Reading Party!! People who love to have fun!! People who want to find guidance into thier future!! People searching for answer’s!!

What happen’s at a Reading Party? Rev. Dawn Casseday arrives at a scheduled time, and set’s up a small table @ 2 chair’s in a private, quiet area . Then, as the guest’s arrive, they go in turn, to thier reading. While the other guest’s have fun, and await thier turn!! It’s alot of fun!!

If you would like to schedule a “Reading Party,”  please contact Dawn at www.revdawncasseday.com/contactdawn.html or email her at mail@revdawncasseday.com or call 386 478 0341


Rev. Dawn Casseday will be in the beautiful Smokey Mountain’s  ,where she is offering reading’s from Tuesday, March 26th, 2019 until Thursday, March 28  th , 2019  at     The Golden Carat   Jewelry Store  @ Gold Exchange  102 Parkway  , Sevierville, Tennessee. I am looking forward to seeing all the wonderful people at the Golden Carat!  For more info,and to book your reading , Please call Linda  at   The Golden Carat    Jewelry Store @ Gold exchange    865-428-2309

On Sunday, February 17 th, 2019  beginning at 6:30 pm  Rev Dawn Casseday will be a guest speaker at the Essence of Light Spiritual Gathering at the Unity Church    509 County Road 468   Fruitland Park, Fl   34731   Rev. Dawn will be offering a Spiritual Talk, followed by Evidential Mediumship, where Rev. Dawn will connect with the “other Side of the veil”  ( Spirit Messages). Come join us for a wonderful opportunity to connect with Spirit !!! For more info please call  Rev. Dawn Casseday   386-478-0341

     Wednesday, July 31 st , 2019     7:00 pm until 9:00 pm      Rev. Dawn Casseday will be the Guest Speaker, offering  Spirit  Messages. The Wednesday night message service is temporarily being held in the Andrew Jackson Davis building (Cassadaga Bookstore) while Colby Temple is undergoing renovations. the address is 1112 Steven’s Street  Cassadaga, Fl. 32744  Come join Rev. Dawn Casseday  for an evening of  Spirit Messages from the “Other Side” of the veil. Where Rev. Dawn Casseday will be demonstrating Evidential Mediumship. Come join us ! Healing begins just before Message service at 6:30 pm. Love Donation $ 5.00 . For more info, please call Rev. Dawn Casseday 386-478-0341.

On Saturday, January 26 th, 2019     from 11 am until 6:30 pm  and  Sunday, January 27 th, 2019    from 11 am until 5 pm        Rev. Dawn Casseday will be offering 15 min. readings at the    Melbourne  Mystic Faire       Melbourne Auditorium      625 Hibiscus Blvd. Melbourne, Fl  .    There will be  Guest Speaker’s on a variety of subjects, Many Vendors, Reader’s, Food Vendor’s. Many wonderful activities!! Come on over for a wonderful Weekend!! For more info, please contact Rev. Dawn Casseday   386-478-0341.

As we come into the New Year of 2019, we have such an incredible opportunity to release the past , and look very optimistically to the future! With a brand new perspective, new excitement, new adventure!! You may notice a strong trend of the planet as a whole,  toward a greater enlightenment, and search for truth. it will be a fantastic year.  The energy of the New Year of 2019 ,psychically, seems to be one of a very strong positive shift of energy in a unlimited flow of abundance. As I contemplate

the New Year of 2019 clairvoyantly, I truly feel that it is going to be a much better year for a great deal of people. In the future of the year of 2019. I feel many will have renewed optimism, renewed excitement, unlimited opportunities! I encourage you to embrace many of the new beginnings coming your way!!! Come along with me, hold on tight, and get ready for an incredible ride!! Welcome 2019!

Sunday, December 16 th, 2018    from 2 pm until 5 pm  at the Andrew Jackson Davis Building 1250 Marion Street Cassadaga, Fl  Rev. Dawn Casseday will be presenting a interactive workshop a “Journey into your Past Lives”  a talk on Past Lives. Do you experience Dejavue?  Often have reaccurring  dream’s of a different life or memory?  Do you experience Fear’s/ phoebia’s ? Could it be linked to a past existance? Many cultures have belief in reincarnation/Past lives, Come explore The possibilities of your Past Lives.  Cost : $30.00   Call Rev. Dawn Casseday at 386-478-0341 for more info. Thank you.