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     Wednesday, February 26 th, 2020     7:00 pm until 9:00 pm      Rev. Dawn Casseday will be the Guest Speaker, offering  Spirit  Messages. The Wednesday night message service is temporarily being held in the Andrew Jackson Davis building (Cassadaga Bookstore) while Colby Temple is undergoing renovations. the address is 1112 Steven’s Street  Cassadaga, Fl. 32744  Come join Rev. Dawn Casseday  for an evening of  Spirit Messages from the “Other Side” of the veil. Where Rev. Dawn Casseday will be demonstrating Evidential Mediumship. Come join us ! Healing begins just before Message service at 6:30 pm. Love Donation $ 5.00 . For more info, please call Rev. Dawn Casseday 386-478-0341.

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I am so excited to announce that Rev. Dawn Casseday’s   ” Energy Healing ” room is doing so well !! I am continuing to set appointments for Energy Healing. Energy Healing sessions are 1  1/2 hrs. at a cost of $100.00. I am currently offering several types of Energy Healing, Channeling energy through Spirit, and the Universe.

Reiki, a Japanese form of Energy Healing, which is 25,000,00 year old practice/belief of  using symbols in connection with Universal energy , to remove blockages, re-align all systems of the Physical body, mental, emotional , spiritual, physiological , in all areas of your vibration. Reiki Energy Healing cleanses and aligns chakras, cleanses all areas, Past generational, Past Life, past, present ,  future.

I will also be incorporating  several different methods of  Energy Healing . Chromeatherapy, which is a strong technique, using the vibration of  color, raising the vibration , to create healing energy.

I will also incorporate “Pranic” healing, that means “Chi” or breath of life. This technique of Energy Healing, combines the Energy of removing roots , and chords ,cleansing , then re-aligning, charging, then sealing the Aura.

I am also  working with energy crystals/ crystal grids. Being “Spirit” led to create personal crystal grids for each individual . This is a very exciting time !!

In your Healing session, I will take you to a very relaxed state, you just lay back , and relax. Then, along with Spirit, begin to remove , re-align, re-charge, seal, begin healing on all levels of your being. Healing past, present .and future. This is an all-encompassing healing technique.

Just call Rev. Dawn Casseday, 386-478-0341, to schedule your Healing session, or for more info. Thank you.



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Saturday, February 8 th, 2020      from 10 am until 4 pm           Rev  Dawn Casseday  will be offering 15 min. Reading’s in the  Rev. Tom Berkner  building  1090 Stevens Street Cassadaga, Fl (white building directly across from the main Cassadaga Bookstore) .While the Colby Temple undergos Renovations.  Many event’s including Mini Seminars, Energy Healing,  50/50 raffles, Street Vendor’s, Art @ craft’s, music, food, and much more! Come on over for our Gala Day in Cassadaga!  Where we will be celebrating “Heart of Spirit” !!  Assisting, and offering “tool’s” for each individual to find their way on their own Spiritual journey !!! Don’t miss this wonderful event!!  For more info , please contact  Rev. Dawn Casseday  386-478-0341.

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On Saturday, January 25 th, 2020     from 10:30 am until 6:30 pm  and  Sunday, January 26 th, 2020    from 11 am until 5 pm        Rev. Dawn Casseday will be offering 15 min. readings at the    Melbourne  Mystic Faire       Melbourne Auditorium      625 Hibiscus Blvd. Melbourne, Fl  .    There will be Reader’s, Healer’s, Guest Speaker’s on a variety of subjects, Many Vendors, Food Vendor’s. Many wonderful activities!! Come on over for a wonderful Weekend!! For more info, please contact Rev. Dawn Casseday   386-478-0341.

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Sunday,  December 1 st, 2019  at  10:00 am  Rev. Dawn Casseday of Cassadaga will be Guest Speaker , Psychic Medium, Spirit Message Bearer at the    Chapel of Spiritual Light     1737 Baltimore  Drive   Orlando, Florida    32810      Rev. Dawn Casseday  will offer an inspirational Spiritual talk,  followed by Spirit Messages, connecting with loved ones that have crossed.  Rev. Dawn is very honored, and excited to be asked to speak. Please come join us !!!   Please call Rev. Dawn Casseday   386-478-0341   for more info.

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gift certificates

Gift Certificates are a wonderful gift Idea for any occasion !!! They never expire!!! Simply just contact Rev. Dawn Casseday at 386-478-0341 pay for it online , at web site (revdawncasseday.com). Rev. Dawn Casseday will mail it out that day!!! It’s so easy!!! Just in time for Holiday Gift Giving!!!Also, great gift idea for any occasion Birthday’s, anniversaries, etc.


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Sunday, November 17 th, 2019    from 2 pm until 5 pm  at the Andrew Jackson Davis Building 1250 Marion Street Cassadaga, Fl  Rev. Dawn Casseday will be presenting a interactive workshop a “Journey into your Past Lives”  a talk on Past Lives. Do you experience Dejavue?  Often have reaccurring  dream’s of a different life or memory?  Do you experience Fear’s/ phoebia’s ? Could it be linked to a past existance? Many cultures have belief in reincarnation/Past lives, Come explore The possibilities of your Past Lives.  Cost : $30.00   Call Rev. Dawn Casseday at 386-478-0341 for more info. To register for the workshop , please call Cassadaga Bookstore at 386-228-2880 . Thank you.

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